“With great power of the Presidency comes great responsibility to the U.S. citizens. My focus will always be on solving the problems impacting Americans every single day.”

Charles Camilleri,
2024 Presidential Candidate


Our Mission

America should be the safest place in the world. Open borders flooded with illegal immigrants, defunding police, and a depleted armed forces have changed that. The Charles Camilleri for President campaign will focus on taking security measures on the border, within law enforcement, and the military. Safety here and worldwide for American citizens is a top priority for our campaign for president.

Charles is also running for President to bring down inflation. Hard-working Americans should not have to decide whether to buy food or pay rent. I will not rest until inflation is under control.

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Who Is Charles Camilleri?


Charles Camilleri comes from five generations of police officers. He has worked with local and state code enforcement for the past 30 years. His experience as a young person working on the farm has instilled the value and reward of hard work. It’s why he is so passionate about ensuring blue-collar American workers don’t suffer financially any more.


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Together, We Can
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Secure Our Border
The Charles Camilleri for President campaign considers border security a top priority. We will finish the border wall and secure it appropriately to keep America safe. We will also utilize our wonderful military to ensure any illegal immigrants are deported immediately.
Control Inflation
Companies are using inflation as an excuse to raise prices and bring in record profits. This will no longer happen on my watch. We will control inflation so hard-working Americans don’t have to stress as much about their budget.
Use American Oil
We have an abundance of oil on American soil. There is no reason to go overseas for oil, but that is exactly what our current administration is doing. We will restore the pipeline and use our abundant resources to help drive down gas prices.
Restore The American Classroom
Every classroom in America will have a United States flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance when you support Charles Camilleri for President. Many of the issues we are facing today begin in the classroom and it is my priority to eliminate those problems and restore traditional American schools.
Unify All Races
Race has divided the U.S., but it doesn’t have to be that way. My campaign for President will focus on unifying all races so we can live in a stronger country.
Use American Dollars On Americans
The United States of America has plenty of problems to deal with at home. Billions of dollars should not be sent to other countries to fight their battles. When you vote for Charles Camilleri for President, American dollars will be used to support Americans.


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Charles Camilleri

The Presidential Nominee
For The People

Many of the problems America faces today have simple solutions. The only way to implement those solutions is to have the right person making decisions. Check out our latest agenda video:



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