Meet Charles

When you select Charles Camilleri for President, you will vote for a secure border, reduced inflation, and a stronger worldwide presence for America.Early Years

Charles Camilleri and he knows the value of hard work. At a young age, he experienced it first-hand by working on a 1,000-acre farm. He also did many hours of masonry work pouring concrete and laying thousands of bricks. Charles also worked a second job to make ends meet in the janitorial business. He is the epitome of a hard-working American–not afraid to get his hands dirty to earn a paycheck and provide for his family, no matter how hard the work or how many hours were required.

Family Background

Charles comes from a family of five generations of police officers. As a first-generation American Maltese, Charles speaks English and Maltese fluently. His parents, George and Elizabeth, as well as his brother, Anthony, were all immigrants from Malta. He also has family in Morocco, Turkey, and Canada. George was in the police force in Malta and at one point he was honored with the duty of protecting Winston Churchill.

Charles’ work ethic comes largely from the inspiration received from his father, George, who was very involved in union work. George retired from Detroit Edison after 30 years attending every union meeting for the last 20 years without missing one. It’s this diehard dedication instilled in Charles from a young age that needs to come back to America’s youth.


He studied several years of college and continued his education at a trade school, where he earned his certifications for working on heavy industrial equipment. He also earned a Business Administration and Management degree. He holds a license in the real estate industry, as well.


For the past 10 years, he was Chief Engineer for the Habitat Corporation, working with local and state code enforcement. His experience with traveling to other countries makes him very comfortable with foreign affairs. Charles’ work ethic and passion for America are what will help bring countries together.

Why He’s Running

Charles Camilleri is running for president to instill more of the hard-working values into our great country. His mission is to clean up the country and make life better for Americans. When you vote for Charles Camilleri for President, you are voting for a secure border, getting inflation under control, and much more.

Being President of the United States of America comes with great power. And with great power comes great responsibility, which can directly impact American citizens. Charles understands this responsibility more than the current administration and is dedicated to restoring the power of the people to our great country.



Inflation is one of the main areas of concern and why Charles has begun a campaign for President. Companies are reporting record profits, which have nothing to do with inflation. Gas to food, medicine to rent, and everything in between are at record-high prices. You will see inflationary trends reverse when you vote for Charles Camilleri for President.


Border Security

As one of the Democratic presidential candidates for 2024, he believes we must finish the border wall and it must be well-lit. This is a high priority to protect hard-working Americans.


American Pride

Charles believes an old-school approach is exactly what we need to restore American pride and show respect for our country. All schools will have a United States of America flag in every classroom and students will be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. A flag will also be prominently displayed in the school’s main lobby. Once in the classroom, teachers will no longer tell children they can choose their gender.


The United States of America has become the laughingstock of the world because of the actions of the current administration. With Charles Camilleri as your presidential nominee, the United States will be restored to its former power and strength and you will see improvement in the respect we receive from countries around the world.


More About Charles Camilleri’s Agenda

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