Charles Camilleri’s Agenda

When you vote for Charles Camilleri for President, you will support a proud American who will represent the working man. His mission is to clean up America, restore important values, and make life better for the millions of hard-working Americans.


As the President of the United States, here are some of his top priorities:

Secure The Border

Secure The Border

As your presidential nominee, you can rest assured one of my main goals from day one will be securing the border. I will finish our successful border wall and take security to another level by ensuring it is well-lit.

Americans shouldn’t have to worry about who is crossing their land illegally. And parents shouldn’t have to be fearful of their kids accidentally taking fentanyl, which was smuggled into our country by illegals. When you vote for Charles Camilleri for President, these issues will be cleaned up at record speed.

Fix Immigration Laws

Fix Immigration LawsThe immigration system in the United States of America is broken. There are Americans who have been in this country for longer than a decade but have not received their US citizenship. In the past, immigrants would come to the US and earn their citizenship in a matter of days. Now, immigrants don’t need to be US citizens to take advantage of the privileges Americans have, like voting. We have technology that can tell us exactly where a package is at any time during the shipping process. Yet, we can’t correctly calculate votes. This is a problem that should not be an issue in 2024 and beyond in the United States of America.

Address Inflation

Address Inflation

Inflation is one of the biggest challenges hard-working families are experiencing today. Two-income households shouldn’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from or whether they can afford to buy their child new shoes.

Food companies are reporting record profit margins. Eggs have a reported 300% increase in profit, which has nothing to do with inflation. These companies are using inflation as an excuse to increase their prices, but have no real explanation as to why when confronted. The easy excuse is the price of gas, but the numbers simply don’t add up.

Become Energy Independent

Become Energy IndependentGas prices do not need to be as high as they are currently. With the high price of gas, combined with soaring food prices, heating, electricity, rent, and other necessities, families are strained to say the least. Many of these issues stem from Joe Biden’s first day in office when he cut off the Keystone XL pipeline.

It wasn’t long after the XL pipeline was cut off that Biden began begging other countries for oil. We have an abundance of oil in the United States and shouldn’t have to rely on foreign countries. If oil and gas prices are problems for Americans, then the solution is to get oil from our own soil. This campaign for President will focus largely on this issue.


Address Racial Issues

Address Racial Issues

Racial issues cannot continue dividing Americans. This candidate for President in 2024 will focus on unifying people and bringing us back together. Our current administration seems to cause more problems than anything when it comes to race discussions. It’s Charles’ goal to find common ground for all races.


Deescalate Involvement in Ukraine

Deescalate Involvement in UkraineThe U.S. military should not be engaging in wars in other countries. And we definitely should not be promoting those wars and providing weapons and artillery to them. We have our own issues we should be focusing on at home. When you vote for Charles Camilleri for President, he will ensure our military is used to protect the American people. This includes reinforcing our border with military personnel and deporting every single illegal person immediately.

Prioritize Veterans and Homeless People

Prioritize Veterans and Homeless People

Many of the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces come home empty-handed. They have no food, no home, and no money. They are undeserving of this treatment and Charles will make it a point to ensure it ends. He will take care of these Veterans and their families the way they should be treated and honored.

Reform Gun Laws

Reform Gun LawsGun reform is a very sensitive subject for most Americans, but Charles believes in the Constitution and, as it applies here, the 2nd Amendment. Charles’ brother served in the police force in Detroit, Michigan, and was involved in the 1967 riots. He lost a friend who was a fellow officer, so Charles understands personally the lifetime of scars his brother and the entire family endured.

He believes the citizens have the right to own whatever guns they desire for hunting and personal protection. The gun reform comes in promoting specific laws that will hold gun owners accountable and stop these weapons from ending up in the hands of criminals.


Leave Social Security Alone

Leave Social Security Alone

You work all your life paying taxes to this country and in the end you depend on the supplement of the Social Security Administration, as promised. Our government sends hundreds of billions of dollars abroad and then threatens to raise the age of Social Security benefit eligibility to pay for it. All American citizens should be able to retire and get medical care from the government at the current age limit.


Instill Professionalism Into Politics

Instill Professionalism Into PoliticsIt seems like name-calling and mudslinging have become the new politic norms. Even though political parties are opponents, the common goal should be to make America the best country in the world. The media mocks presidential candidates, causing respect for one another to be lost, trickling down to the common citizen. America has become the subject of jokes worldwide and it largely has to do with our politics. These childish games must stop at every level, including the media.

Improve Infrastructure

Improve InfrastructureThe United States of America is in dire need of an infrastructure upgrade. From enhanced transportation to upgraded power grids and everything in between, we have a lot of room to improve. As President, Charles will make infrastructure improvements a priority.

Instill Trust in Pharmaceutical Companies

Instill Trust in Pharmaceutical CompaniesWe live in a world where information is available at our fingertips. But so is misinformation. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted issues with misinformation. This caused a lack of trust in “Big Pharma” and now Americans are at risk of endangering their health.

Pharmaceutical companies are essential for the health and safety of Americans. Pharmaceutical research has saved billions of lives with their vaccines and we all know good medicine has saved lives worldwide. Sometimes treating illnesses might not turn a big profit for Big Pharma, but we need to look at what’s the best option for the health and safety of the people.


Corporate Bailouts

The money thrown around during the pandemic to help corporations was astounding. Meanwhile, small businesses were suffering and closing because they could not receive any government assistance. The small business administration is broken when large corporations receive money they don’t need, while small business owners lose their livelihoods. It’s a task Charles will take head-on to ensure the American dream of owning a small business remains an attractive option.

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